Research Request Form

The Gasconade County Historical Society responds to research requests. When requests are received, either via e-mail, surface mail or telephone, the request is entered in a log. The research is then conducted in chronological order by date of request. Typically, research will be completed within 30 to 60days of receipt of the request. Volunteers conduct the research and their availability varies.

A minimum research fee of $30 is charged. Photo copies are $1 each for non-members and $.50 each for members. You will receive an invoice once the research is completed.


On occasion, the requested research is so extensive the Society must charge an amount greater than $30.00. In that case, the person making the request will be notified of the anticipated further cost before that cost is incurred.

Requests must be as specific as possible in nature. Global requests for everything you have at the Archives & Records Center, will not be accepted.


Notice as of 20 July 2017: We are having some difficulty with the Research Request Form shown below - Until we are able to correct the problem, please follow this link to our SUBSTITUTE RESEARCH REQUEST FORM and email it directly to the Director, GCHS Archives and Records Center Director at: gchsarc@centurytel.net Thank you for your patience as we work towards a solution.

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