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History of Bridge Building in Gasconade County


Crossing the Bourbois River at Miller’s Ford in south Gasconade County could be treacherous; and with the coming of more and more motor vehicles, it became necessary that the problem be taken care of. To relieve the situation, in 1925 Ex-Officio Highway Engineer, J.C. Danuser was authorized by the County Court to explore the possibility of building a bridge there.

During the summer of 1925, the County Court received his plans and specifications. The court judges, E.J. Alberswerth, Henry Langenberg, and G.T. Steffan approved these plans for “constructing and building the bridge with reinforced concrete abutments and two piers, also opening and grading 1500 feet of right of way on the ‘Owensville-Cuba’ road.”

Mr. Danuser was authorized to advertise for bids for the work to be done. Bids were to be in a lump sum and submitted to be opened on Oct. 6.

In September the judges considered the matter of financing the project and determined there might not be sufficient funds available in the Bridge Fund. “To safeguard against such a contingency, the Peoples Bank of Hermann agreed to advance $6,000 for this purpose.”

--Gasconade County Historical Society Newsletter
Volume 9, Number 2, Summer 1996