Gasconade County Circuit Court Indexes

The Circuit Court proceedings can provide insight into activities of ancestors, and add richness to genealogical research.

There are two Circuit Court indexes. One is sorted by the plaintiff, that is, the person or entity bringing the suit. The second is sorted by defendant, that is, the person or entity accused of a crime. Note that in some cases there are multiple people listed in the plaintiff and defendant columns. Some of those names you will not find, by scrolling down an alphabetical list. Rather, you will need to use the Search function to find them.

Shown below are links to two sets of Indexes dealing with Defendants and Plaintiffs. Click on the desired index and then search for the desired name by typing the name in the search box at the top of the index and then hitting "Enter.” A highlighted cell containing the desired name will then appear. In the case of multiple names, continue to hit enter until the desired name shows up.