Gasconade County Quilts, Old and New

Some of the family names you will recognize associated with these quilts are: Koepke, Rethmeyer, Aufderheide, Kottwitz and many more. You will see quilts that were given as gifts for weddings, hope chests and graduations. You will also find quilts made from everything from feed sacks to a seamstress' scraps of ball gowns. You will also find a story attached to each of these works of art so come and visit our museum and get the full story on each of these beautiful pieces.

Previous Exhibits

Native American Artifacts

This is a very special collection of Native American Artifacts that is a "MUST SEE" for anyone interested in early American History. 

Memorial Day Exhibit

memorial day exhibit.png

Our Museum has an outstanding Memorial Day display honoring the men and women who served their country in prior wars and conflicts. We hope that you will make a special point of coming to view it.