Gasconade County Probate File Index

The Gasconade County Historical Society Archives & Records Center maintains Gasconade County probate records from as early as 1821. Probate is a process by which the estate of a deceased person is administered under the supervision of the court. The probate process also administers guardianships, as well as the estates of minor heirs in a decedent’s estate. The probate process generates and records documents pertaining to the assets, real and personal, of the estate that a person had at death and their disposal or disposition. The type and quantity of records vary but can include wills, inventories of assets, and sales of assets. Probate records can be an excellent source of genealogical information.

The indices linked below have been divided into letters of the alphabet A-G, H-Q and R-Z to make the download faster. The name on the left is the name of the deceased person or the person requiring a guardianship. In the middle is the name(s) of the administrator or executor of the estate. On the right is the earliest or at least an early date found in the file. It is not the date of death. Probate records rarely reveal an exact date of death. Surnames were often written as they sounded, not always as we spell them today. Look carefully for possible alternate spellings. If your ancestor’s name does not appear in the list, he or she had no assets at the time of death and, therefore, there was no probate process.

If you are interested in the contents of a probate record based on a name in the lists below, use our Research Request Form, providing us with the name of the deceased and the date. We will reply to your inquiry with a brief overview of the documents available in the probate file. Then you can determine whether or not you would like to have copies of documents made and sent to you. The cost of photo copies is $1.00 per copy or $.50 for members of the Gasconade County Historical Society.

Probate names A-H

Probate names H-Q

Probate names R-Z